Wonderful Information On Whole-House Stereo For Your New House

These days anytime home owners are thinking about building their dream house, entertaining friends and relatives is one of the greatest motivations. Everyone desires a home theater environment when at all feasible. In addition, multi-source, multi-zone stereo entertainment is commonly at the top of a wish list of family members.

This editorial has been written to help you understand and install a multiple-source, multiple-zone house stereo system. What exactly will this technology offer that a single source system will not? Well right off the bat the fact that the system will support many sources of stereo as inputs is in itself phenomenal. With a touch of a button you, the end user, can select from FM radio, CD player, DVD player, Ipod®, and television channel music. You are not locked to whatever the source your home theater unit happens to be selected.

Total Control From Each Zone

The second remarkable capability all your family members will appreciate is the ability to select any of those music sources for their particular listening zone, at the same time everybody else in the home is selecting and listening to their own choice. Each zone has an in-wall mounted room controller that allows the occupant to turn the power on or off in the zone, choose his or her own source of stereo music, and play it at the desired volume without any regard to what other occupants have chosen to listen to in other rooms.

The Audio System I Install Most Often

I suggest you install a solid system. You don't necessarily need the fanciest system out there. But I can tell you from personal installation familiarity, a powerful 8 x 8 multi-source, multi-room house audio system can and will alter the way you and your family members cherish music. The amplifier uses state-of-the-art digital technology. Power output to each listening zone is a whopping 50 watts which works out to 25 watts per channel. Fifty watts per listening zone at 8-ohms means rugged power for some serious whole-house entertainment. I imagine you will not be able to listen to stereo music in a room at more than 50% capacity as it will melt the paint off the walls.

Have a Home?

So you say you have a home and you want more listening zones. A dynamite house stereo system has an expansion amplifier which gives you an additional eight listening zones plus two more variable line-out amplification outputs available as inputs to a different amplifier for zones where you deem you might want more power.

Whole-House Audio Integrates with Automation Controller

In my opinion, the preeminentfeature you want in your whole-house stereo system is one that is designed to integrate with the Security/Home Automation controller within the home. You not only have a preeminent and expandable system, but you can control it in several ways. The three most common place control methods are the in-wall controller, color touch screens, and automation. Think about this: When you swipe your entry key tag over the access control reader at your front door after a hard day's work, your burglar system disarms, a preprogrammed lighting scene is triggered, and the music source you like the most comes on at a volume level you have preselected.

Two Important Keys

The two important keys to all this technology are cost and the ability to make personal programming choices. The best way to have a grip on both is to install the system yourself. To do that a universal installation manual will not be appropriate. You will need an installation manual which is very precise and identifies the manufacturers components make and model. You will desire to know the precise specifications like dimensions, amplifier outputs, in-wall mounted keypads and speaker sizes. You'll also desire the installation book to have very thorough information on programming your system and integrating it with an automation controller if one is anticipated to be part of an overall package.

Installing Several Systems?

It has been my experience that when home owners are considering one technology for their new or remodeled home, they are probably considering other systems as well. It would be in your best interest to have installation eBooks on each technology you would like to include in your project. Read them all then purchase your equipment, special tools, and wiring so that they are all on the jobsite ahead of your proposed start date.


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